Properties and Applications of Precipitated Silica Jan 19, 2024

Precipitated silica, obtained through the precipitation process, is a crucial industrial raw material with widespread applications in various fields due to its unique structure and properties. The following is a detailed introduction to the properties and applications of precipitated silica:

I. Properties


Precipitated silica exhibits a highly porous structure, providing a large surface area capable of adsorbing significant quantities of substances such as gases and liquids. This porosity makes it an excellent adsorbent and catalyst carrier.

High Dispersion

The fine grinding and sieving during the preparation process result in precipitated silica having extremely fine particle size and a uniform particle size distribution. This high dispersion imparts good compatibility and dispersibility in polymer composite materials, enhancing material performance.


In polymer materials like rubber and plastics, precipitated silica acts as a reinforcing agent, improving the mechanical and aging properties of the materials. The reinforcement effect is primarily attributed to the particle size, surface area, and interaction with polymer materials.

Thickening Ability

Precipitated silica has thickening properties, increasing the viscosity and stability of liquids. In fields such as coatings and inks, it serves as a rheology modifier and thickening agent, improving the flow and anti-sag properties of coatings.


Under certain conditions, precipitated silica exhibits thixotropic behavior, wherein viscosity decreases under shear force but increases in a static state. This property makes it valuable in applications such as sealing materials and rust-proof coatings.


II. Applications

Rubber Industry: Precipitated silica is a crucial reinforcing agent in the rubber industry, primarily used in areas such as tires, footwear, and sealing materials. Adding precipitated silica enhances the wear resistance, tear resistance, and aging performance of rubber products.

Plastic Industry: In the plastic industry, precipitated silica is employed as a thickening agent, flow aid, and reinforcing filler. It improves the processing, mechanical, and electrical properties of plastics, such as enhancing impact resistance and reducing shrinkage.

Coating Industry: In the coating industry, precipitated silica is utilized as a matting agent, pigment dispersant, and rheology modifier. It enhances the decorative and performance aspects of coatings, such as improving leveling and preventing film cracking.

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