Properties and Applications of Hydrogenated Petroleum Resin Jan 24, 2024

Hydrogenated petroleum resin is a high-quality, versatile, water-white tackifying resin primarily used in the manufacturing of hot melt adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and other adhesives. It plays a role in tackification, compatibility, thermal stability, and light stability. This resin is mainly produced from cracked carbon C5 fractions, combined with monomer fractions and aromatic fractions to enhance bonding properties through various chemical reactions and processing techniques.

Key characteristics of hydrogenated petroleum resin include:

Strong Tackiness

It provides excellent tackifying effects, improving the adhesive properties of adhesives used in various bonding applications.

Good Stability

The resin exhibits good thermal stability and light stability, maintaining excellent performance under high temperature and light exposure conditions.

Excellent Compatibility

It has good compatibility with other resins, plasticizers, fillers, etc., allowing for effective mixing with other materials.

Colorless and Odorless

The resin is water-white, with no noticeable odor or color, making it environmentally friendly and suitable for various applications.

Chemical Resistance

It shows good resistance to chemicals such as acids, alkalis, and salts, making it less prone to corrosion or discoloration.

Applications of hydrogenated petroleum resin are widespread and include:

Hot Melt Adhesives and Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

It is a crucial raw material in the production of hot melt adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives, enhancing the adhesiveness and stability of these adhesives for use in packaging, labeling, medical supplies, construction materials, etc.

Inks and Coatings

It serves as a tackifier and cross-linking agent in inks and coatings, improving the adhesion and durability of printed materials and coatings.

Rubber Products

Used as a tackifier and softening agent in rubber products, it enhances the elasticity and durability of rubber.

Road Marking Paints

Applied as a tackifying agent in road marking paints to improve adhesion and durability of road markings.

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