Road Marking Paint - C5 Petroleum Resins Market Report Mar 08, 2022

The most striking feature of this C5 Petroleum Resins Market report is that it presents quantifiable data in graphical form. It clearly shows the facts about the fundamentals of the economy.


Thanks to quick and systematic market research, all new employers and employees have a perfect understanding of the market position. Below are some sales forecasts to help you forecast overall product sales and financial performance.

It helps in developing successful business strategies and helps companies make better decisions. With this market analysis, pricing strategies and product attributes can be easily chosen to hedge against risks.


Adding New Road Construction: Key Market Drivers

In 2016, the global traffic road marking coatings market accounted for about 45% of coatings

In 2016, the Asia-Pacific region dominated the global traffic road marking paint market, accounting for about 38%

3M, Medtronic, Geveko Markings, LANINO, The Dow Chemical Company and Sherwin-Williams are market leaders


C5 Petroleum Resins Market Segmentation:

By product type, the market is mainly divided into:


• Aliphatic


Depending on the application, this report covers the following sections:

• Adhesive

• Road marking paint

• Rubber

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