High-Performance Matting Agent Silica Powder in the Coating Industry Dec 28, 2023

With the continuous advancement of technology, the demand for matting effects in the coating industry has become increasingly prominent. A high-performance matting powder, distinguished by its superior oil absorption and specific surface area compared to conventional matting powders, exhibits exceptional matting efficiency. This article delves into the characteristics of this matting powder and its extensive applications across various domains.


Silica Matting Agent Unit Specifications
Whiteness - 98%
Moisture Content % Less than 9.0
Residue on Sieve above 45µm % 0
Specific Gravity g/ml 0.08-0.14
Bulk Density g/ml 0.17
pH 4% Susp 6.0-8.0
Surface Area m²/g 230-280
Oil Absorption  ml/100g 280-340
Average Particle Size µm 3.8-4.3

Outstanding Matting Effect

The exceptional matting performance of this high-performance matting powder, attributed to its higher oil absorption and specific surface area, makes it an ideal choice for coatings requiring superior matting effects. It proves particularly effective in applications where stringent matting requirements are paramount.

Moderate Particle Size, Exceptional Transparency, and Texture

The moderate particle size of the matting powder contributes to its outstanding transparency and texture. This makes it an excellent choice for thin coating systems, especially those with a coating thickness ranging from 5-15μm, where it demonstrates particularly outstanding performance. Consequently, it stands out as an ideal option for UV, PU system shell coatings, and other systems with stringent requirements for transparency and texture.

Excellent Performance in Leather Processing Agents

In leather processing agents, this matting powder exhibits excellent matting effects and depth of color. This provides an efficient solution for the coating of leather products, imparting a unique texture and appearance to the leather surface.

Easy Dispersion, Smooth Coating Surface

In addition to its superior matting effect, the high-performance matting powder features easy dispersion, simplifying the coating process. The resulting smooth coating surface enhances the texture and appearance of the coating.

Wide Range of Applications

The outstanding characteristics of this matting powder make it suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition to the previously mentioned applications such as no-loss coating base, leather processing agents, it also proves effective in furniture coatings, UV bamboo and wood floor coatings, and various other areas. In these fields, the matting powder demonstrates its superior performance, meeting the diverse requirements of different applications.

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